Retail Media for
e-commerce, apps, publishers, and more.

Zaply Ads is a platform that allows you to create and manage your own Retail Media network, delivering personalized Sponsored Search and Banner ads for your users in your website and app.


A powerful toolkit to take you from zero to hero without months of integrations

Real-time Sell-out report

Zaply Ads offers an out-of-the-box datalayer that delivers real-time closed-loop-atribution metrics for all ads created on the platform. Know every sale generated by every ad click.

API-first simple integration

Our API-first approach offers a simple integration for media inventory in your website, app, in-store digital screen, and more.

Your own Advertiser Dashboard

Comes with a whitelabel Advertiser Dashboard so you can offer a safe, closed environment to share data with your partners.

Contextual Sponsored Search, Banner Ads and Display Ads powered by AI

Empower your ad experience with AI with ContextualAds and deliver context based ad placements, that personalizes ad density and placement based on your unique users shopping journeys, and specific intent, and guarantee an ad experience that is always relevant to your users.

  • Contextual Ad Placement based on user behaviour
  • Ads that are always relevant to your users shopping journey

Advanced media metrics

Real time closed-loop-attribution sales reports

A complete Retail Media platform

SKU targeting, auto-bidding, budget approval, and more. All features you need to run your own network, out-of-the-box and ready to deploy.

  • A self-service Advertiser Dashboard for submitting campaigns and reporting.
  • From impressions and clicks to sales and ROAS: all media metrics you need with closed-loop-attribution.

Your brand, your rules, your Retail Media Network

Zaply Ads is 100% whitelabel, designed for businesses that want to create their own private Ad Network.

  • Your sales attribution rules
  • A closed network, built around your brand and your partners
  • No middle man

Your brand, your rules.

Optimize revenue without intermediaries.

Configurable sales attribution rules that fit your business


No hidden costs, no revenue-share.

Choose the ideal plan according to your ad volume.


Pay per use on the Grow plan. Cancel anytime.

  • up to 500k ad units/month
  • 1 domain
  • ad type: Contextual Sponsored Search
  • Advertiser Dashboard
  • Closed-loop-attribution and real-time reporting


Over 500k ads/month? Go for the Pro plan to get volume discounts.

  • over 500k ad units/month
  • volume discounts
  • all features included on the Grow plan
  • ad type: Contextual Sponsored Search, Banner Ads


Expand to Enterprise to unlock API integration and larger ad volumes.

  • all features included on Pro plan
  • ad type: Contextual Sponsored Search, Banner Ads, In-Store Digital Screens (Digital Signage)


Frequent asked questions

Zaply Ads works with all e-commerce platforms?
Yes! Zaply Ads delivers a API-first Retail Media infrastructure, allowing businesses to create their own Retail Media platform, with inventory from their e-commerce website and app, content website, and more.
How complex is it to integrate?
Zaply Ads was build to present the simplest and hassle free API-first way for businesses to start their own Retail Media Networks. Check our Implementation Guide to access a detailed view of requirements.
What kind of ads can i create using Zaply Ads?
You can create Sponsored Search Ads, Banners Ads and Display Ads (for in-store Digital Screens / Digital Signage).
How does pricing work, how is ‘price per ad unit’ calculated?
Every time an ad is served by the platform, it counts as an ‘ad unit’. Every month you pay the number of total ad units generated times the unit price of your current plan (prices start at 3 USD per 1000 ad units). You can subscribe to a Pro plan for volume discounts over 500k ad units per month.
How will my advertisers see the results of their campaigns?
Zaply Ads comes with a whitelabel Advertiser Dashboard that you can give access to your partners so they can manage their campaigns and see their results in real-time, including metrics like views, clicks, attributed sales generated by their ads, ROAS (return on ad spent), and more.
I have a Digital Screen inventory not currently connected to a Media Platform. Is it possible to connect to Zaply Ads?
Yes, it’s possible. You can find more information on our documentation, under the ‘Digital Signage’ section.
How does sales attribution work?
Zaply Ads comes with a datalayer that allows to monitor every sale generated by Ad clicks. The sale attribution window (the time between the Ad click and the purchase) can be configured to suit your business need.
Is it possible to test the platform before commiting to a paying plan?
Yes. You can subscribe to our Build plan, which offers 10k ad units/month for Free.
Can i cancel anytime?
Monthly plans like Grow can be cancelled anytime. If you purchased an Annual plan to access discounted prices, it can be cancelled at the end of the contract period.

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